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JB was the perfect agent for our selling and buying needs. JB's biggest plus is he takes the time to actually listen to his clients. This is so important when you are looking for someone who will be representing you. When we first considered selling our home, JB gave us a projected value, but he also gave us the presale suggestions we should follow to increase the value of our home. Once we completed our preselling homework, he actually, and confidently listed our home for 40K more than his initial estimate. We didn't realize neighborhoods actually have multiple price points. JB helped us move to a higher value range. We listed on a Thurs night, and by Monday evening, we had over 20 showings, and numerous offers well over our list price. Remember, our list price was 40K over his initial estimate for as it originally was. Also, he was accurate with that estimate, as we had a recent appraisal for practically that exact lower amount. With so many offers that first weekend, we were able to pick one that was 16K over our listed price. We did some minor negotiating with the buyers, but JB's ability to listen made it very easy to work out the final details, and his team helped us with all the steps that take place through the closing. What an amazing experience working with JB and selling our home.

- Warren and Michele

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